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RapidQuote is one of the only providers of software for contractors that’s specially designed with roofers in mind. Estimating for roofing jobs usually requires a lot of time-consuming, manual calculation because the software available on the market simply isn’t fit for purpose.

An example of something our roofing clients love is the ability to use assemblies as a powerful time-saver. These are preset, customisable groups (also known as composites or kits) of items. For instance, an assembly for 1 metre squared of roof might include:

  • The number of roof tiles required
  • Length of wooden batons required
  • Areas of felt (in metres squared)
  • Number of screws/nails/attachments
  • Length of verge/ridge tiles needed if any

This type of assembly allows you to quickly calculate your material costs and requirements with just one take-off, instead of having to repeat your work several times to count up for each layer of material. You’re instantly saving a significant majority of the time this estimate would usually take.

RapidQuote also allows you to measure different roof types (e.g. flat roof, pitched roof, gable roof, hip roof etc.). When measuring slope angles, you can also account for rafters, hips and valleys if needed.

The quick and easy take-off process is particularly useful when you’re working on large new build/residential projects and commercial roofing projects. The bigger the project, the bigger the time saving!

Probably the UK's best roofing estimating contractor software - FREE demonstrations available

No roofing contractor looks forward to spending hours poring over architectural drawings when they could be on site, managing subbies, or enjoying a hard-earned break. That’s why so many roofers have decided to take a free trial and download our roofing estimating software.

We’re not bragging when we say this could be the best roofing calculator on the market. RapidQuote is the result of years of hard work and honest feedback. We’ve used one click technology and a range of computer tools to help you choose and organise plans and drawings, before quickly calculating areas and totting up the roofing supplies you’ll need.

A pencil and paper take off can take you up to five hours. That’s an average, not the worst case scenario. Choosing our software knocks that down to four, meaning you can put down the pencils and pick up your ladder and tiles. Or use that free time to do more simple estimates, win more work and take that ladder right to the top. The choice is yours.

Roofing software to make your life easier

RapidQuote’s estimation software is designed with one thing in mind. It makes your life simple and easy.

We knew we couldn’t use a computer to climb a ladder, install roof slates or haul rolls of tar paper around. And we couldn’t quite manage something that’d keep an eye on your subcontractors. So we focused on an area where we could help: estimates.

Estimating a roofing job is a pain in your neck and a few other places. Manual scaling and drawing. Trying to accurately work out the area of an uneven, irregular roof, and keeping track of multiple spreadsheets. It’s hard work, and it’s time consuming.

But a computer can do it all pretty simply, and very quickly.

That’s all RapidQuote does. It takes all those time consuming tasks and makes them simple. You still get the figure you want, but it takes a fraction of the time to get it.

No printers fees, no hours scrolling through drawings – RapidQuote helps you organise everything and handle the take offs on screen.

Scaling hips, ridges or valleys, counting and area measuring for flat or pitched roofs only takes a few clicks, and provides you with a simple, easy-to-read sheet showing all your quants. All you need to do is drop in your fees and the materials prices, and you’re ready to go.

That sounds good, but what about our promise that RapidQuote is the best roofing estimating software on the market?

We put that to the test. We hired an independent expert from a leading US university and asked him what he thought of RapidQuote. And then he hired a focus group.

The results? Everyone saved multiple hours on their estimates. Everyone got incredibly accurate prices.

If that’s not proof that our roofing estimating software does exactly what you need it to do, well, we don’t know what is.

It’s free to see RapidQuote in action on your next estimate – and prices won’t get much higher!

How much is your time worth? It’s got to be more than £60 a month, right? Our savings calculator says it’s far more than that.

RapidQuote software subscriptions start at just £60 a month, and they’ll save you hours on every single job you quote for. If you spend that free time pricing up roofing jobs, you can expect to see 400% more business.

More time on site, less hassle estimating jobs, and a price tag that’s not to be sniffed at. They’re the reasons roofers and contractors swear by our roofing estimating software, and you’ll see them for yourself when you arrange a guided demonstration.