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Groundworks estimating software

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Site clearances, digging foundations, laying drainage – groundworking jobs are hard work. But when contractors complain to us, it’s not because they’re getting their hands dirty. In fact, it’s the opposite. It’s because without groundworks estimating software, they’re spending hours behind a desk when they should be on site.

We’ve changed that. For them, and for you.

RapidQuote estimating software makes the whole process of generating an accurate estimate quick and simple. Our software gives you the tools and the technology to choose and organise plans, to measure and calculate areas and volumes, and to work out the supplies and materials you’ll need.

Doing all this by hand takes a long time. Up to five hours. And that’s an average, not the worst examples our customers have told us about. Our groundworks estimating software knocks that five hour task down to a sixty minute point and click breeze. Want to know how much you will save, find out in a minute and take a look at our savings calculator page.

Life without RapidQuote – five hours of measuring, scaling and drawing.

Life with RapidQuote – four extra hours per quote to win more business, get out on site, or kick back and relax. Which sounds better to you?

Designed to make groundworks estimates easy

Software designers get a bad rap. That’s because people in our industry always like to say they’re “changing the world.”

RapidQuote estimation software wasn’t designed to change the world. It was designed to do one thing, really well: make estimating simple.

That’s what it does. With our tools, your estimating will be easier. Just like using a JCB is simpler and less demanding than using a shovel, RapidQuote is less time-consuming than using a notepad and a scale ruler.

A computer can measure, count and calculate far faster than you can. So let your computer do the hard work. No more printers fees, no more hours of clicking in and out of tender files, and no more copying numbers from plan to page to spreadsheet. Everything on-screen, everything simple, and everything accurate.

Scale and measure areas and volumes with just a few clicks. One more click and those figures are in a pre-formatted spreadsheet. Drop in your fees and materials prices, and the estimate is ready to send.

We’re not just claiming our groundworks estimating software is fast, accurate and simple. We’ve proved it by testing it.

We gave RapidQuote to a leading independent expert from the US and asked him to put it in front of a focus group. They didn’t need hours of training, they just watched a walkthrough and got to work on their estimates.

So what happened? Everyone saved hours on their estimates. Everyone got accurate prices. Everyone said RapidQuote made their jobs easier.

We hear those same things from all of our customers. They save time, their prices are accurate, and our software is easy to use. After you test out RapidQuote in a free guided demonstration, we’ll hear the same from you.

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Time is money. How much money is your time worth?

For just £60 per month, our estimating tool will save you four hours every time you prepare an estimate. Spend that free time working on even more estimates, and in the same amount of time you’ll win 400% more business. That’s a great return on a tiny investment.

Easy to use and proven to save time. There’s a reason contractors rely on our groundworks estimating software. See why for yourself by booking your free demo today.