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Commercial flooring estimating software and floor covering estimating software

There’s more to being a flooring contractor than fitting carpets and sanding hardwoods – to work, you need to provide estimates, and that takes time and effort. With our commercial flooring cost calculator software, it’ll take much less effort, and far less of your time.

RapidQuote’s estimating tool makes it easier to take off drawings and provide accurate costs based on accurate quantities. What used to take hours with a pencil and ruler now takes only a few clicks.

Combining quick reviews, scaling tools and automatic counting, this powerful program means you spend less time in the office and more time working where you’re most useful.

Say goodbye to late nights poring over plans, and hello to a faster way to quote on a flooring job.

Streamline your quotes with floor covering estimating software

Let’s not teach your granny to suck eggs. You know how commercial flooring take offs and estimates are done without the use of software.

You need to collect drawings, have them printed, scale them by hand, mark and measure by hand, write the take off by hand and then take those figures and drop them into a spreadsheet to try and get a final figure.

RapidQuote floor covering software makes the scaling, marking, take off and measuring part of that process simple and painless.

Instead of picking through a tender folder to find the plans and drawings that relate to the flooring and floor coverings, then rushing those down to the printer to spend money on paper copies, just drop the folder into RapidQuote.

The software’s RapidReview function lets you click yes or no to select and collect the drawings you need, then lets you carry out the take off.

Need to remove a background to get a clear look at the floor space? One click, it’s gone. Need to scale the drawings to work out how many square feet of carpet or tiles go onto the quote? A few more clicks and you’re there.

Our RapidQuote estimating software packages also provides you with tools to instantly generate and populate your estimate spreadsheet, saving you even more time and effort. How much time? Use our savings calculator to find out!

Users save up to four hours per quote or estimate using RapidQuote – and that’s four hours you can use to oversee your contractors, clock off early, or pitch for other jobs.

Start saving time with our commercial flooring estimating software

RapidQuote estimating software is built to handle any commercial project – from installing floor coverings to pricing up a new mezzanine or installing a specialist hardwood floor. We built it by taking everything we’ve learned since 1980, getting feedback from thousands of contractors, and putting together a tool that’s simple, efficient and affordable.

Simple, because we use one-click functionality as much as possible, so that you always know what you’re doing (and if you don’t, we provide telephone support as standard).

Efficient – to the point that an independent expert says it’ll save you 80% of the time you spend estimating (four hours on a five hour quote) and let you pitch for four times as many jobs.

And so affordable that our prices start at just £60 per month.

So what are you waiting for? All of that functionality, all of that extra business, all of that extra time for just pennies per day. Put our commercial flooring estimating software to the test by arranging a free demonstration, no strings attached: