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Fencing calculator UK

How much does fencing cost to install? Find out with our online fence calculator

Looking for an accurate fence installation cost estimator? UK contractors have found that RapidQuote’s estimating and take off software helps them to scale drawings, total up wood, panels and other fence materials, and provide customers with accurate quotes within an hour.

RapidQuote is more than just a simple fence calculator. Online walkthroughs and telephone support make this estimating tool easy to use, and this software has been verified to save fence installers and contractors hours when compared to traditional take off methods.

Finally, the question “How much does it cost to have fencing installed” will no longer lead to hours spent hunched over architectural drawings!

An online fence calculator and take off tool

When you’re asked how much it costs to have fencing installed as part of a quote or a tender, you know that you’re in for a long night. Traditional paper-based estimating processes are time consuming, require huge amounts of concentration, and lead to you paying printers for full scale drawings and plans. That’s why fencing calculators are in demand across the UK.

RapidQuote is different. Our estimating tool has been designed to make quoting and costing easy.

Even better, our downloadable tool is much more than just a calculator to let you estimate how many fence posts, panels and wooden planks you’ll need. It also lets you organise drawings, check for amendments and additions, and drop your quantities into an easy-to-use spreadsheet for totaling and pricing.

RapidQuote is the result of decades of hard work and experience. UK developers and software engineers designed this fencing calculator, UK contractors and builders provided feedback and suggestions, and the end result is a powerful, accurate and reliable tool.

To see just how much time and money you stand to save, use our simple savings analysis tool. You’ll be amazed just how much the time you’re spending on quotes is worth!

Fencing calculator UK – Save hours, pay pennies

Request your free guided demonstration of our software, and you’ll be able to test a range of features:

  • RapidReview makes it simple to find and organise drawings and plans
  • RapidClear lets you remove backgrounds in a single click, making it easy to scale the area which needs fencing off
  • Simple scaling and autocounting lets you produce an accurate quantity of any fence materials
  • Integrated spreadsheets mean that all you need to do is add in the unit prices for your wood, metal or concrete fences along with your labour costs

A traditional take-off ahead of a fence installation project can take up to five hours. RapidQuote lets you price up that same estimate in just sixty minutes.

What’s more, a monthly subscription to RapidQuote’s fencing calculator starts at just £60 per month and includes telephone and online support.

Simply click the link below and test our fencing calculator. UK fence installers already have, and they’re using the time they save to win more work and spend more time on site.