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Construction framing software free demo

Learn how to estimate in just one hour with our free construction framing software guided demonstration

Structural framing is all about speed and efficiency, which is just what you’ll get with our construction framing software free trial. You’ll see how our professional, simple estimation and take off system can save you up to four hours of paperwork on every single quote.

Instead of labouring with a ruler and a pencil, you can scale and take off multiple drawings in a staggeringly short period of time. Independent tests have shown that our estimating software cuts the time it takes to quote a construction framing project by 80% – turning a five hour task into a one hour breeze!

Don’t take our word for it. Try RapidQuote framing estimator for free now, and you’ll see just how powerful our tool is.

Construction framing software – FREE guided demo to prove the potential

RapidQuote’s experts will give you a full tour of our estimating software in a free guided demonstration, where we take you through estimating one of your projects. Just click one of the links on this page and you’ll be able to test it out for yourself when you price up your next framing project.

This tool has been designed using input from contractors all over the construction industry, meaning it can help you price up everything from smaller domestic framing jobs to large industrial and commercial contracts.

Even better, RapidQuote doesn’t mean you need to down tools and pick up a huge manual. We’ll give you a range of video walkthroughs and support you with screen sharing and telephone support, making sure that you’re always totally in control of your estimates.

How does RapidQuote construction framing estimating software save you time?

A traditional construction estimate goes something like the following. Those 11 steps can take upwards of five hours:

  1. Download a ZIP file full of drawings
  2. Click in and out, drag and drop files until you’ve got the plans you want
  3. Take those files to the printers
  4. Spread out a full size A0 or A1 drawing on your desk or kitchen table
  5. Grab your ruler and scale the plans
  6. Highlight and count the materials you use
  7. Copy those quantities into a spreadsheet
  8. Add in your rates and suppliers prices
  9. Repeat for every single drawing
  10. Total up the final estimate for the job
  11. Send it to the client

Your free trial version of RapidQuote’s construction framing software means that your estimating workload looks like this:

  1. Open the ZIP file with RapidQuote
  2. Click yes or no to select the plans you want
  3. Use the software’s tools to scale, highlight and count
  4. Open the quantity spreadsheet that RapidQuote has generated
  5. Add your prices and let the spreadsheet do the work
  6. Send everything to the client

No pencils, no rulers, no printers and no hassle. If only everything in the construction industry was this simple!

With less time spent on time-consuming estimates, you’ll have more time to spend on site (how much time? Click here to see), quoting other clients, or enjoying some time away from work. So schedule your construction framing software free demonstration today!