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Estimating decking costs can be a chore. Simply pricing up your project and providing a quote requires the expense of printing plans and drawings, hours of painstaking scaling and counting, not to mention double checking your sums to make sure you don’t end up three planks short of a deck.

Fortunately, there’s a better way. A quicker way. A way that doesn’t involve running to the printers, picking up a pencil, or locking yourself in the office for five hours at a time.

RapidQuote is estimating software designed for contractors. It’s easy to use, fully supported, and costs just pennies per day. And it’s been proven to save you up to four hours per estimate by independent experts.

Sounds good? Try it today and see how quickly you can estimate the cost of your next decking project.

Estimate decking costs in a fraction of the time

Currently, contractors across the construction and landscaping sectors use the following method to estimate their decking costs and rates.

It’s the standard, traditional way of estimating, and it involves scaling, taking off and measuring by hand.

If you’re a decking contractor, the chances are that you too pay a printer for full size drawings (once you’ve pulled out the appropriate plans from an over-stuffed tender folder) and use a pencil and ruler to take off areas and count by hand.

Then you need to copy those quants into a spreadsheet, add in your material prices and labour rates, and make sure it all adds up.

RapidQuote’s estimating software guides you through every step of that process up to the point you drop in the prices.

RapidReview helps you find the right drawings, and a range of simple scaling and take off tools provide the right numbers. These quantities are then dropped into a spreadsheet for you, meaning all you have to do is add in the prices.

In independent tests, our estimating tool turns a five hour task into a sixty minute breeze, leaving you with more time to get out there actually fitting and installing decking for your clients. You can see how much time you’ll save with our online calculator.

Arrange a free, no-strings demonstration of our estimating software

The full version of RapidQuote starts at just £60 per month, and we have a range of packages available to suit your needs. That includes telephone support, walkthrough videos, and screen-sharing assistance as well as the program itself.

But the best way to decide whether or not our estimating software is right for you is to take it for a spin.

By clicking the link below, you’ll be able to arrange a guided demonstration of RapidQuote and our experts will help you to put it to work pricing up your next decking job. We’re certain it’ll make your life easier and help you estimate decking costs quickly and accurately. So try out our decking software and start work on your estimating.