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Cladding estimating and take off software - FREE demo available

How long do you spend estimating the cost of a cladding project? If you’re anything like the thousands of contractors we’ve spoken to while developing RapidQuote cladding software, even a small domestic cladding project can take five hours.

Five hours that you could’ve spent on site. Five hours that you could’ve spent on the golf course, in the pub, or spending time with your family.

RapidQuote turns those five hours of fiddling with pencils, rulers and calculators into a single hour of clicking, dragging and not much else. No counting by hand, no conflicting spreadsheets and no trips to the printers.

Independent tests show that RapidQuote can cut estimating times by 80%. To see what that means for your business, try our savings calculator.

Imagine what you could do with four extra hours, and then start saving time.

Focus on what you’re good at, let our software do the rest

When you set up your cladding firm, it’s a safe bet that you thought your days would be full of timber cladding, composite panels and weatherboard – not highlighter pens, rulers and architectural printing.

With RapidQuote, pitching for new work will suddenly be far quicker and simpler, leaving you with more time to focus on getting on-site work done, keeping an eye on your trades or enjoying some hard-earned time off.

Wondering how? Picture your traditional pen and paper take off method, and compare it to how our cladding software handles a take off:

1) Download PDFs of your plans and drawings, and use RapidQuote to collect just the drawings you need.

2) Streamline your plans with one-click background removal.

3) Use the cladding software’s tools to quickly scale and measure areas on the plans.

4) Take a look at the quantity spreadsheet RapidQuote has generated.

5) Drop in your prices and rates, and let the spreadsheet handle the sums.

6) Send over your quote, and get on with something else with the four hours you’ve just saved yourself.

Time is money, and our effective, simple-to-use cladding estimating software saves you an awful lot of time for not a lot of money.

Fully supported cladding software for only £60 a month

All this functionality comes at a price. And it’s lower than you’d expect.

For as little as £60 per month, you’ll have access to RapidQuote’s intuitive, easy-to-use estimating tools, along with telephone support and a range of walkthroughs. So don’t think that you’ll need to spend ten hours training yourself to use a tool that’s designed to save you time!

You can try all of this for free, right now, by requesting a guided demonstration of RapidQuote’s cladding software. All you need to do is click the link below, and we’ll show you how everything works while we help you prepare your next quote.