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What’s the most needlessly time consuming part of your job? Installing a fire alarm system? Fitting a security system? Or estimating a security or fire alarm price per point? Most alarm contractors would agree that estimates and quotes take far too long, which is why we’ve developed our fire and security estimating software.

RapidQuote is a result of decades of software development experience and input from thousands of contractors in dozens of trades. It makes estimates easy, take offs simple, and quotes quick.

So say goodbye to spending five hours or more pricing up a job, and say hello to a faster way to work with our security and fire alarm estimation tool.

A faster way to price up an alarm job

An alarm installation estimate takes time and effort, especially when you need to consider the price per point.

First, you need to get hold of a copy of the architectural drawings. Then you need to work out which drawings apply to the alarm system and which don’t. A trip to the printers later, and you’re finally ready to start the time consuming take off process, with all its scaling and manual counting.

It’s no wonder that the majority of our customers say even a small security alarm job can take them upwards of five hours to price up. And those hours add up, as our savings calculator shows.

So we designed estimation software to automate as much of that process as possible – and because RapidQuote lets you do on screen take offs, you’re saving time the second that you decide to estimate on your PC instead of via the printers.

Once you factor in one-click background removal, an autocounting function that can total up your quantities in under a second, and a range of measuring and scaling tools, it’s easy to see how RapidQuote can save you upwards of four hours per quote.

And that’s four hours you can spend on site, or enjoying yourself.

Security and fire alarm estimating software for just £60 a month

A RapidQuote subscription starts at just £60 per month, giving you access to a host of tools to make estimating a security or fire alarm installation a breeze.

That fee includes unlimited telephone support and a range of walkthroughs to show you how to make the most of our fire and security estimating software.

Simple, affordable and accurate. It’s time to put RapidQuote to the test – request a guided demonstration now, estimate a fire alarm price per point or a commercial security alarm installation, and you’ll see just how much time you’ll stand to save