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There’s always money in bricks and mortar, and a masonry estimating calculator is the fast way to work out just how many bricks, how much mortar and how much money. RapidQuote’s simple and accurate masonry estimating software is designed to get you out of the office and back onto site before your brickies and subbies notice you’ve gone.

RapidQuote’s masonry estimating software streamlines and automates as much of the take off and quoting process as possible, turning a five hour energy-sapping paperwork binge into 60 minutes of efficient, accurate estimating.

See how much you can save by taking our masonry estimating calculator for a spin.

An accurate masonry estimate, without all the hassle

Chances are you saw that line about estimates taking five hours and gritted your teeth. All those hours of scaling walls and working out how many blocks you’d need. All those wasted afternoons in the queue at the printers, hoping that these drawings are the right ones, and that the architect’s not moved a wall six foot to the left.

Well, you’re not alone. Building contractors and masonry professionals have been telling us for years about the hassle they have to go through to take off a drawing and put together accurate quants for their estimates. So we did something about it. We developed a tool to make it easier. Here’s how estimating a masonry job with RapidQuote works:

  • Open the ZIP file full of tender drawings with RapidQuote
  • Click yes or no to select the plans you want and add them to your estimate folder
  • Use the software’s tools to scale, highlight and count materials on each drawing
  • Open the quantity spreadsheet that RapidQuote has generated and smile when you spot that it’s added all the quants to begin with
  • Add your material prices and labour rates and let the spreadsheet do the work
  • Send everything to the client, safe in the knowledge that it’s all accurately priced

If there’s a simpler, more effective piece of masonry estimating software out there, we’d love to see it. And we’re sure it won’t be as affordable as RapidQuote.

See our masonry estimating software in action, for free

Prices for our masonry estimating calculator start at just £60 per month, but we’re giving you a chance to work on your next masonry estimate for free while you decide if you want to purchase the full tool.

Simply click the link below and arrange a free demo. We’ll give you access and work through a real estimate for a real job. Then, with the time you save, you can head back on site to make sure your subbies haven’t used the wrong breezeblocks, or forget about bricks and mortar and enjoy some time off. The choice is yours.