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How long does it take you to put together a quote or tender without electrical estimating software? Off the top of our heads, we think you’ve got to measure and count up all the containment, all the cables, all the sockets, all the electrical lights… Oh, and that’s after you’ve scaled the plans. Which is after you’ve printed the drawings. And you can’t do that until you’ve found the right drawings for the electrical systems in the first place.

All this time, it just adds up. Contractors tell us that it can take about five hours to estimate the costs of even a small to average-sized project. So we built a computer program to make that quicker. Five times quicker.

Try our RapidQuote electrical contractor bidding software for free, and you’ll be able to scale, count and tot up with a few clicks, leaving you with a simple quants list to drop your prices into.

How RapidQuoteUK electrical estimating software saves you time and money

The typical tendering process for an electrician takes time, concentration, and more hard work than should be necessary.

It’s not a matter of eyeballing the amount of cabling and wiring you think you’ll need and sticking on the price of a socket or switch. Not if you want to win big contracts anyway. No, tendering’s a painstaking process.

You’ve got to take the drawings – usually sent to you in a ZIP file with a bunch of other plans that you don’t need – keep clicking in and out of files to find the right ones, then run off to the printers (who charge a fortune).

Then it’s back to the office for you with a stack of full-size drawings. Out comes the ruler so you can scale every cable, colour every socket, count every light and jot it all down on your take off sheet. A quick summary of the quants later and you’re ready to quote.

Only joking. You’ve got to drop those quants into your spreadsheet, drop in prices from your electrical suppliers, add in the information from your rate sheet and double check your maths.

And let’s not forget. All this hard work you’ve been doing? We all know most quotes don’t succeed, so it’s hard work you’re doing for free.

What RapidQuote does is take that process and hand as much as possible to a computer. It’s the same process you use for your electrical estimates, and you get the same final figures, but it’s far less labour intensive.

Let’s go back to the start. You’ve got the ZIP file full of PDF drawings. Now, instead of opening the file, you open up our estimating tool and use that to open the ZIP folder.

RapidReview pre-loads all of those drawings in seconds. Is this an electrical plan? Does the drawing cover wiring and lighting? Click yes. Is it nothing to do with you? Click no.

Seconds later, you have a folder that only contains the drawings an electrician or electrical contractor needs to see, and you can start the scaling.

First, RapidClear strips away all the background detail so you only see what you need to see. With our RapidCount technology just find the symbol for a socket or light, click a few times, and the auto counting feature will give you a total in less than a second (we’ve seen auto count take off all the light fittings for a hotel ground floor in 0.468 seconds).

Everything is then dropped straight into a spreadsheet, so all you need to do is drop in the prices and your rates. The costs for your electrical materials and labour are automatically totted up and voila! Your accurate estimate, ready to send.

And you’ve saved somewhere in the region of four hours, which you can now put to good use quoting another electrical project, or heading on site to keep an eye on your contractors, or even just finishing at a reasonable hour.

Independently tested electrical estimating software

RapidQuote’s the result of decades of experience in the industry. We’ve been creating software for contractors since before the first home PCs, so we know what we’re doing.

We even put our knowledge to the test. We hired the University of California, Los Angeles’ professor of business psychology and we had him test out the estimating software.

His findings weren’t just that the traditional take off process was stressful and time consuming, or that using a computer tool to do the counting would make life a little easier. No, the surprising thing he found was just how big an impact our system has on the way electrical contractors and electricians put together estimates and run their businesses:

  • RapidQuote software saves users four hours per estimate – shortening the process by 80%
  • By increasing the number of accurate, professional tenders an electrician can create, the program generates four times as many jobs and up to a 400% increase in turnover
  • RapidQuoteUK’s final prices are correct to within a 99% tolerance when compared to estimates done using traditional take off methods

Seems simple enough. Our electrical estimating software saves you massive amounts of time, helps you win more jobs, and gives you the right prices. You can even check how much time you’ll save before you download, by using our savings calculator.

Where's the catch? Is it the price?

With results like that, you wouldn’t be surprised if we charged an arm and a leg for you to make use of our software. But we don’t.

Our most affordable package (just £60 a month) includes a full walkthrough to help you learn how to use the software, telephone and screen-sharing support for any tricky projects or estimates, and instant updates to ensure you’re running the best version of the tool.

And if all that sounds too good to be true, remember that you can put our tendering tool to the test without spending anything or signing anything.

We’ll give you a guided demonstration of RapidQuote electrical estimating software on your very next estimate. Simply click the link below.