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Save a significant amount of time on every single project with our user-friendly demolition take-off and estimating software.

To succeed in the business of demolition services, it’s vital that you’re able to work quickly and turn around quotes in time to meet your client’s expectations comfortably. In order to do that, your estimating software needs to account for all the costs and details associated with the project.

RapidQuote enables demolition contractors to instantly open drawings, take key measurements using tools on the screen, and very quickly establish things such as how many people will be needed on site and what quantity of waste materials will need to be transported away.

The two key advantages of using RapidQuote are essentially convenience and confidence. For just a few pounds per day (or even less), you’ll be able to accurately plan your potential project costs and requirements to ensure you make a healthy project – and waste a lot less time in the process.

How demolition take-offs work in RapidQuote

Any successful contractor obviously relies on having the right equipment at their disposal, as well as a skilled workforce they can employ to carry out the work itself. The same is certainly true for the demolition trade, when you look at the basic things you need to get the job done.

However, without the means to properly organise these resources, you’ll struggle to operate efficiently and make a decent profit. This is a difficult barrier that many demolition contractors find it hard to get past, or simply don’t realise there are software-based solutions available that can help.

The first step to achieve this using RapidQuote is the take-off. Our software allows you to complete this process with ease and incredible speed. Simply open your drawing files in the software, select the pages you want to import, then get started with our complete set of on-screen tools. Everything from simple unit counts to measuring complex areas and volumes can be done in a matter of seconds.

How demolition software replaces your estimating spreadsheet template

So the good news is that RapidQuote can handle your take-offs much better than traditional alternatives, but the even better news is that it can also take care of your estimates in even less time. This is true whether you usually just work on paper, or even use estimate templates in spreadsheet form.

One of the most important parts of any construction or demolition project is the initial estimate. This is the first step towards working out exactly what resources, staff and equipment will be needed to complete the job, and therefore how much it’s all going to cost. The problem with this is that estimates usually take a long time to put together, especially for more complex projects, and all of that time eats into the time you could have spent working on site for other jobs and getting paid.

This is where RapidQuote comes in again. As you complete the take-off for the project, all the numbers will automatically pull through and start generating your estimate. This all happens in real time, in the same software – you can simply switch between the Take-Off and Estimate tabs in the program to keep track of how your estimate is looking. All the grouping into sections, descriptions of your take-off items and so on will also be reflected on the estimate. If you need to add in more items that aren’t factored in on the drawing, you also have several ways to do that on the Estimate tab.

Try our demolition estimating software for free

Completing this process the digital way offers a lot of advantages for contractors in the demolition trade (or indeed almost any other field). In summary, the main benefits of using RapidQuote include…

  • A quick and easy overview of a whole set of drawings
  • Work on your take-off from any device, wherever you are
  • Easily establish how much labour and equipment are required
  • Reduce the chance of human error with automatic calculations
  • Avoid all the frustrations of manual take-off and estimating

Interested in getting a free software demo so you can see for yourself how it works? Get in touch with us to arrange a casual chat at any time you like, and we’ll talk you through our different software options. We’ll even be able to screen-share so you can see exactly how it works live on your computer.