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Insulation estimating software

Insulation estimating and take off software - FREE demo for UK contractors

Forget spending hours on take offs – try our insulating estimating software today and you’ll see why contractors working on a range of building, construction and installation projects suddenly have time on their hands.

Designed specifically for contractors and tradesmen, RapidQuote uses one click technology and a range of computer tools to help you analyse PDF drawings, remove backgrounds and scale walls and cavities or measure pipes and ducts to price up your installation projects.

Compared to traditional pencil and ruler take offs, our estimating software has been proved to save four hours per quote. That translates into days saved each month, as you’ll see here. That means you can do even more quotes, win even more business and stop lagging behind the competitors.

Estimating software designed for insulation contractors, tested by experts

RapidQuote’s estimation software is the result of decades of experience developing tools for contractors and input from insulation specialists, builders and other trades.

Bringing all of that together, we created a tool that’ll make your life easier. Forget paying printers, or spending hours clicking through ZIP files. RapidQuote pulls all of your drawings together and lets you do the take offs on screen.

You can scale, count and total up with just a few clicks, and RapidQuote Contractor is designed to make linear measures and scaled areas a breeze. So put down the ruler and pencil, and pick up the mouse. In a few moments, this simple-to-use tool will let you know exactly how much insulation and lagging your project will need. And once you’ve dropped in the prices and fees, it’ll tell your client exactly how much the project should cost.

The software might have been designed with input from contractors and tradesmen, but it’s been tested by professionals.

During independent trials by a professor at a leading American university, our tools managed to shave four hours off the standard estimating process. By handling the counting and simplifying the scaling, RapidQuote delivers an accurate list of quants ready for you to drop in the final few figures.

Accurate insulation costs in a fraction of the time. It’s no wonder UK contractors are jumping at the chance to try out a demo version of our estimation software on their next estimate.

We’ll show you how to save time with insulation estimating software

Prices for RapidQuote start at just £60 per month and can save you hours on every single quote, estimate or tender you produce. If you spend that time working on other proposals, our university expert says you can expect to see 400% more business. Just because you’ve swapped a pencil for a PC!

An easier job pricing up jobs, more time to pitch or to work on-site, and all at the cost of mere pennies a day. All you need to do to put our insulation estimating software to the test is arrange a demo, and we’ll show you how it works on your very next estimate.