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Simple HVAC and ductwork estimating software

If it’s taking longer to come up with estimates than it is to install ductwork and ventilation, it’s time for you to download some simple ductwork and HVAC estimating software.

Traditional take off methods can take you up to five hours, especially once you take into account all of the administration work you need to do before you even begin scaling.

There’s sorting through tender folders and ZIP files, identifying the correct drawings and plans before comparing them to make sure the architects and designers haven’t had a change of heart. Then it’s off to the printers to have the full scale drawings reproduced, before you can get down to the process of scaling ductwork, counting up the required ventilation components, and finally working out your costs and prices.

Even worse, this traditional estimating method is expensive. Print costs soon mount up, and you’re working for free unless a client accepts your quote and hires you for their ventilation project. So we designed a better way of doing things. RapidQuote’s simple, easy-to-use residential HVAC estimating software

A simpler way to scale ductwork

RapidQuote has been designed so that a proposal or estimate that would take up to five hours to take off and write up can be done in a fraction of the time (as you can see, using our savings calculator). Independent analysis shows our estimating software saves HVAC contractors and ductwork experts up to four hours on every quote, thanks to the following features:

Fast Reviewing: The integrated RapidReview function opens your tender folder and lets you select the right drawings with just a few clicks. Need to take off a plan for your proposal? Click yes and it’s added to your to-do folder. No sign of a single inch of ductwork? Click no and it’ll never trouble you again.

Instant Comparison: Worried that the architect’s moving the HVAC ducts an inch to the left? The RapidCompare tool identifies changes and additions with 100% accuracy.

Simple, Clear Drawings: The RapidClear feature automatically scans and removes background details with a single click, leaving you with a clear drawing ready for taking off.

Fast Counting: Autocounting totals up the materials you need with a couple of clicks, giving you the right quants with no time-consuming double checking.

Automatic Scaling: RapidQuote measures linear distances and areas in an instant, showing you how much ductwork is needed for a proper HVAC installation.

Unbeatable Accuracy: RapidQuote shows you the correct quants in an intuitive spreadsheet, so all that’s left to do is add your costings and rates.

And all of this functionality won’t cost the world. Prices start from just over a pound per day!

Arrange your HVAC and ductwork estimating software free demo

RapidQuote’s experts are here to demonstrate the power of our software. In your guided demo, we’ll show you everything you need to get a feel for just how much time you can save by using our easy-to-use tool. Let us take you through your next air conditioning, heating or ventilation tender, and you’ll save up to four hours which you can spend on-site, at home, or winning more work with another quick and simple quote.

Then, if you’re happy with the results after you’ve seen our simple HVAC estimating software in action on your ductwork projects, you can choose one of our packages for increased functionality and telephone support. We’ll even throw in a thirty day money back satisfaction guarantee.