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Painting estimates made simple with RapidQuote painting estimating software

Ask any commercial painter (and we’ve asked a few) what the least favourite part of their job is, and they’ll all agree that it’s the painstaking process to produce painting estimates.

It’s hard to blame them. Instead of heading up a ladder with brush in hand, or managing a team of decorators on-site, painters are trapped in the office or at home with a pile of drawings and a highlighter pen.

RapidQuote lets you trade in the pencil for the paintbrush and get back out on site. By automating large parts of your tendering process, our painting estimating software saves you up to four hours per quote for just pennies per day.

Put our tools to the test – arrange a demo and we’ll walk you through your next painting estimate.

Speed up your painting estimates with simple, efficient estimating software

Your traditional take off, totaling and quoting process might get you the right figures, but we’re willing to bet it takes far longer than you’d like. Having spoken not just to painters, but to contractors, trades and subbies from a range of industries, we’ve found that it takes up to five hours to put a tender together.

And most of that time is spent during the take off and estimating stages.

You’re a professional commercial painter. You know how it works. You have to pore over architectural drawings and plans, scaling and measuring to work out just how much wall space needs painting or decorating, how much floor space needs protecting and how much ceiling space needs covering.

Even getting to that point requires picking through PDF files, running off to a printer to have A1 sized plans made, and all the money and time that involves.

By the time you’ve got your quants together to begin the estimating, you’ve wasted hours measuring and re-measuring, and then you still have to drop all that into a spreadsheet and double check Excel’s sums.

Reading all that on the page, it’s obvious that when it comes to estimating and quoting for a painting job, you’re spending a lot of time on something that might not even turn into real work. To see how much time you’re spending – and how much you’ll save – try our savings calculator before you start your trial.

Let RapidQuote streamline the process for you

Instantly load and review drawings, and collate the plans you need for your tender by clicking yes or no.

Use the one-click RapidClear tool to strip away backgrounds so you can concentrate on the areas to be painted with no distractions. Then click a few more times to scale the drawings so you can calculate how much paint or plaster you’ll need.

After RapidQuote UK estimating software scales and counts for you, it immediately generates and fills out a spreadsheet to let you know the quantities of materials and painting supplies that you need.

All that’s left for you to do is drop in prices from your supplier and your own rates. Then you’ve got an estimate for your painting job, ready to send.

All the functions you need at your fingertips

RapidQuote is the result of decades of hard work. We started producing tools for contractors back in the 80s, and we’ve been improving our products ever since. Commercial painters have their own special requirements, which is why our RapidQuote software packages include everything you need to quickly and efficiently put together a painting estimate or tender:

Reviewing: RapidReview helps you pull out the drawings you need from your tender folder in a matter of moments. Click yes on the drawings you want to quote for, and RapidQuote collects them in an easy-to-review folder.

Backgrounds: One click is all it takes for RapidClear to recognise and remove backgrounds from your drawings, making it easier for you to scale and colour.

Counting: Autocounting tallies up the assets you need in a fraction of a second, with no missed items or mistakes.

Linear and Area Measures: RapidQuote Contractor and RapidQuote Professional include measuring tools to help you calculate the square footage of an area that you’ll need to paint.

Estimating: RapidQuote Professional comes with prepopulated templates to streamline your quotes, or puts quantities directly into your own estimating spreadsheet.

RapidQuote’s packages make quoting and tendering simple. Prices start from under a pound per day, and if you’re not totally satisfied after 30 days we’ll give you your money back. The question is simple. Could you do more for your business in the office with a ruler, or on site with a paint roller?

The only independently tested painting estimating software in the UK

By now you’ll probably have guessed that we’re proud of our estimating system. It’s the result of years of listening to contractors and developing the features you’ve asked for.

But we’re biased. So we decided to put our software to the test. We sent a copy to a leading professor of business psychology and a focus group of over fifty painters, builders and landscapers.

Here’s what they discovered:

  1. Estimating takes a long time. Up to five hours, when you include scaling, drawing, trips to the printers and double checking.
  2. RapidQuote makes this process 80% faster. Those five hours to estimate by hand? Our program cuts that down to one hour.
  3. Estimating software delivers more business. Firstly, by reducing errors and double checking information, it makes estimates more accurate and reassures clients. Secondly, it gives you enough time to send out five times as many quotes.
  4. That bears repeating. Our software delivers 400% more business.

It’s time for you to put us to the test. Next time you have to put together painting estimates for your commercial clients, test out our painting estimating software. Science says it’ll ensure you’re out of the office and back on-site in a fraction of the time.