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Mechanical and plumbing estimating software - FREE demo for UK contractors

RapidQuote mechanical and plumbing field service contractor software lets UK contractors like you spend your time where it’s most valuable – on-site.

By streamlining the whole take off, scaling and estimation process, you’ll be able to provide an accurate quote to potential clients in much less time, allowing you to focus on the installations and fittings that bring in your hard-earned cash.

RapidQuote is the result of decades of software industry experience, input from thousands of plumbing and mechanical contractors, and our belief that traditional take off and estimating processes should be much, much simpler.

It’s time to put down the pencils and pick up the pipes.

A better way to price up a plumbing estimate

As a plumbing contractor or mechanical engineer, you’re used to getting your quantities for your quotes in the traditional way.

By hand, with a pencil, a ruler, and a highlighter pen.

You know the drill. Five hours stood over a plan you’ve had to find and print off. Five hours measuring lengths and scaling so you know how much piping you’ll need. Five hours of totaling up the length of pipe, number of fittings and valves, the sheer amount of plant required.

Five hours. And you’ll spend four of those picking through the drawings just to get the numbers for your estimation spreadsheet.

Here’s what our software does. It takes the drawings you’re using for your estimates, and it helps you scale. Helps you count. RapidQuote can even count automatically if you know how to ask (and telephone support means you’ll definitely know).

And at the end it outputs the quants you need in a spreadsheet. You pop in your prices and your rates, and there you have it. A tender, ready to go. Five hours became four, and as our calculator shows, you save money too.

What will you do with those four hours? Head to site? Get your hands dirty? Or rattle off four more estimates to bring in even more work?

Save hours per quote - book a free demo of mechanical and plumbing estimating software

RapidQuote has been designed with the UK’s plumbing and mechanical contractors in mind, and it’s been priced with you in mind too.

RapidQuote Contractor costs just £60 per month for our standard estimating software package. But we’re not asking you for any money yet.

Instead, you’re going to learn just how simple, powerful and efficient our mechanical and plumbing estimating software is by clicking the link below and seeing it in action.