Finally, a quick, simple and easy way to save hours on your Takeoffs and Quotes

"We got some greats tips out of this"
Allan Clarke,  CP Contracts

Why are we giving this away for free?
We Believe as a company in adding value, which has built our reputation and loyalty with customers. So we wanted to add value to you to earn your trust in a world where trust is a scarce resource.
Why will this help you?
Because over the last 35 years serving and supporting clients around the world we know just how much time and effort it can take to find this data on your own, and to get it from a source you can trust.
Why trust us?
We started as a consultancy in 1983 to provide contractors with independent estimating and design services. Our background of engineering knowledge is combined with onsite experience. We now have long standing relationships with some of the leading M&E contractors who use our industry knowledge as a concrete foundation to their estimating functions.
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