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Why do we recommend a free demo?

First of all, we completely understand that you probably want to see the software in action before you commit to anything.

We’re also very excited to give you a clearer understanding of all the benefits Rapid can unlock for you, but it’s slightly different for everyone. We find that a one-to-one demo is by far the best way.

We’ll listen to what you’re trying to achieve, and that will enable us to demonstrate Rapid in a way that suits you. 30 minutes of your time today could very easily unlock hours, days or weeks of future savings!

Estimating Software Demo

User-friendly take off and estimating software

During the free demo, we’ll talk to you and establish which software plan is the most suitable for you.

Our Contractor plan enables you to use all the basic take-off tools, while the Professional edition is even more powerful and includes everything you need to produce estimates more quickly and easily than ever before.